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coll3ctif is a global community exploring new possibilities at the intersection of physical and digital artforms.

We work together with humans and machines to reimagine the way art is created, distributed and experienced.


Our mode of operation hinges on creating “Glitches”, interventions that create unexpected disruptions in daily life, sparking moments of wonder and reconnection.

/* RELICS */

“Relics” are what remains when a Glitch has taken place.

A coll3ctif Relic is a physical object connected to a unique digital artefact (Non-Fungible Token).

Relics are collected and treasured for their symbolic value and connection to significant emotions, people or events. Seen collectively, they are symbols of what makes us human.


We operate in “Seasons”, a cyclical, dynamic framework offering us a distinct timeframe to conduct a series of interactive activities, ensuring a lively and engaging experience for our participants. Learn more about Season 1 here.


coll3ctif operates on the principles of decentralized governance, ensuring that decision-making power rests with the community. Season 1 participants will have the opportunity to contribute shaping the future of coll3ctif by engaging in various governance processes, including voting on important community directions and drafting the first version of the Ultramodern Manifesto.


coll3ctif offers a series of possibilities to contribute. Applications are currently open for the following roles:

– Collectors: provide a capital contribution in exchange of which they receive special editions and a revenue share
– Curators: propose the context, narrative and distribution parameters of future Glitches.
– Creators: propose interventions, as well as physical and digital artefacts.
– Coordinators: support the organization of Glitches and events in various cities globally.


coll3ctif uses various smart contracts to administer its activity. Primarily, the smart contracts are used to facilitate community decisions, the funding projects and the distribution of proceeds to Collectors.

The coll3ctif smart contract code will be audited and made publicly available on Etherscan and GitHub when it is complete.

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